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50 Calibre Change over

When Delta Force Pioneered the launch of Miniball for kids as young as 8 many years ago, our aim was to make paintballing accessible to all and to make it as safe as possible and this change is a huge step in the right direction. Thanks to a lot of hard work from Delta Force Paintball and the AUPBA we have successfully managed to upgrade all of our markers to the new .50 Calibre paint and paintballs. After many years of work to reduce the age of players that were able to take part in Paintball from our team in Australia the next step was, moving all our centres to .50 cal. This change means great things for all Paintballers taking part at any of our centres. The .50 Cal markers should mean better accuracy, less gun jams, a lighter ...

Happy Boys In Delta Force Paintball Uniform

Paintball – The Perfect Activity For Kids Of All Ages

With the Easter holidays fast approaching, now is the perfect time to organise a great day out for the kids and get them outdoors! Our booking office is currently inundated with bookings and enquiries about our Young Gunz packages and ...

Two Paintball Players At Vietcong Village Game Zone

What exactly is Paintball?

According to recent polls, paintball is currently the fastest growing sport in Europe. That being said paintball is still not recognised as a mainstream sport and as a result there are people who have little or no idea as to ...

Delta Force Paintballing Base Camp with Helicopter

Call of Duty paintball action in Liverpool

The Beatles sang about getting a little help from their friends, and that is something that you will definitely need at the Delta Force Paintball South Manchester centre - the closest paintball venue to Liverpool. You may think your Inferno ...

Hiit Paintball Exercise

Choose HIIT for the perfect paintball training!

If you are looking for a great form of exercise then paintball is definitely the sport for you. Not only is paintballing great cardio, it's a great alternative to circuit training as you attempt to outpace the opposition whilst ducking ...

Nigel Farage vs David Cameron Paintball Battle

Downing Street Fighter – David Cameron VS Nigel Farage

Welcome to the Delta Force South East London Paintball Centre for the first of our epic Downing Street Fighter bouts! With the UK General Election fast approaching, our first battle sees David ‘Cam-Li’ Cameron taking on the unpredictable underdog Nigel ...

London Bus Paintball Game Zone at Cobham Paintball

New paintball centre opening in Kent!

Situated just off the M25 at Junction 5 lies a town nestled between rolling hills and woodlands. Steeped deep in history with settlers such as the Romans and Vikings, Westerham has a new visitor to add to its guestbook - Delta ...

Helicopter at Paintball Basecamp

Tom Cruise’s alien-killing helicopter touches down in Surrey Paintball

Fresh from the set of Edge of Tomorrow, a sci-fi Japanese novel to film adaptation that sees Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt and Jeremy Piven taking the lead roles, is Delta Force Paintball’s latest showpiece. We have managed to acquire an ...

Big Bang Theory Paintballing

The Paintball Geeks Are Back With A Big Bang

Yes the geeky, socially challenged guys are back. The new season of Big Bang Theory started yesterday (22/09/11) over in America and is set to air today over here in the UK. For those of you who haven’t watched the ...

Players in the Crypt at Paintball Essex

Two new game zones at Delta Force Upminster Essex

Delta Force paintball is renowned throughout the UK for providing the most action-packed and realistic game scenarios in the paintball industry. Every centre is carefully maintained and regularly upgraded with new structures, buildings and military vehicles to give you the ...

Paintballing in Snowy Conditions

Weather update for paintball games in the UK

Despite the severe weather warnings that are often issued for the United Kingdom, Delta Force Paintball still operates games at our paintball centres all year round. All our UK paintball centres are based outdoors, and games continue rain, hail or ...

Terminator Posing with Paintball Guns

The Terminator spotted

The Delta Force Paintball's Terminator is coming to a forest near you! Armed with two M16 replica paintball guns this maniac is out to get you at any one of 35 Delta Force centres in the UK. He may appear ...

Two Paintball Players High Five Each Other

Brand new Guns and Game Zones in Southampton

The Delta Force Paintball construction team have been hard at work all summer to bring the best new paintball game zone innovations to our valued customers all across the country. This summer, our construction team have been all over the ...