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After biding our time in lockdown upgrading our centres with thrilling new game- zones, the time has finally come for Delta Force to reopen our doors to the public! Come one, come all – newbies and veterans alike, first-time thrill-seekers and seasoned warriors. Delta Force Paintball is thrilled to announce that we are joining the country in emerging from lockdown, and are officially reopening our centres to the paintball-hungry public! Here at our Southampton centre, we will be marking the occasion with the debut of not one, not two, but three new game-zones: London Has Fallen sees you take to the streets of our war-torn capital, with two teams battling for the fate of one player assigned the role of President. Defend them or shoot them – there can only be one winner! Total annihilation reigns in Chemical Alley. Fight ...

Gotham City Paintball Game Zone

10 movies that would make epic paintball game zones

We all love going to the cinema, being amazed by the movie’s special effects and action scenes. But what if you had the chance to take over the set of your favourite movies for a day? What would you do? ...

Missile at Paintball Liverpool

Delta Force Paintball Liverpool – defuse the missile!

Delta Force Paintball Liverpool is located in the north west of England in Cheshire in stunning woodlands; a beautiful location for any outdoor activity. The centre also offers a great variety of thrilling paintball game zones with Hollywood style props, ...

Tanks at Paintball London

Paintball with Delta Force now even more exciting than ever!

At Delta Force we love to make your day paintballing as exciting, adventurous and real as possible. We strive to provide you with the complete paintballing experience – from top of the range paintball equipment to movie set-quality game scenarios ...

Steve Parish Crystal Palace CEO Paintball Action Shots

Premier League football chief plays !

The team at Delta Force Paintball were delighted to welcome Crystal Palace FC co-chairman Steve Parish to our Westerham Paintball Centre this weekend. The Eagles supremo was visiting with daughters Jessica and Izzy - the latter who was celebrating her ...

Two Paintball Players At Vietcong Village Game Zone

Scenario paintball – how it can add more excitement to your game

Scenario paintball is an area of paintball that is growing at a very fast rate. A scenario paintball game is described as a paintball game that is played with another theme to it aside from just paintballing. Usually these themes ...

Frank Watene at Paintball Centre

Frank Watene: From Rugby League Legend to Paintball Pro

If you’ve ever wondered what paintball and rugby league have in common, we can finally reveal the answer – BIG Frank Watene! Many rugby league players retire and take up coaching or try their hands at punditry – not big ...

Paintball Player Throwing Smoke Grenade

Delta Force Paintball Nottingham: smoke grenades and more!

Delta Force Paintball Nottingham is a popular paintball venue for customers living in the north of England. Featuring top quality game zones and first-class facilities, paintball has never been so good! And, suitable for both adults and children over the ...

Two Paintball Players At Vietcong Village Game Zone

Paintball Tips and Tricks!

Do you have a paintball event coming up? Looking for some last minute paintballing tips and tricks? We went down to our flagship Cobham Paintball Centre to glean some inside information from the ultimate paintballing hero himself - the Terminator! (For ...

Delta Force Paintball News

The brief history of Paintballing

Most people think that paintball was originally invented in America by Mr Peter Paintball before the idea was sold to the UK for $10 an undisclosed sum. Of course, that is just what THEY want you to think. The real truth ...

Chemical Alley Paintball Action Shot

Delta Force Paintball Guns: 5 Quality Models Available

Delta Force Paintball has a fantastic selection of quality paintball markers for customers to use during their day of paintball with us. These include the Inferno Field Mk2, the Tippmann models, M16 Bravo One replica and the Mini-Ball Spyder. Inferno ...

Paintball Battle at London Bus Game Zone

Delta Force opens new paintball centre in Adelaide!

The Adelaide paintball scene is set to be revolutionised with the opening of the new Delta Force paintball centre in Monarto, Adelaide on Saturday 24th November. Located just a short drive from the CBD, Delta Force Monarto is the 35th ...

Delta Force Paintball Tippman Paintball Marker

Semi-automatic paintball marker – technological marvel

The paintballing semi-automatic marker is a technological marvel, with dozens of parts and mechanisms all requiring the slightest changes in pressure and movement to work, not to mention having to be able to withstand the rigours of player use during ...