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Why Choose Delta Force?

We are the world’s largest paintball provider and the UK’s leading paintball game experience. Here’s why:

We’ve gone big on our sets. Step into the world of your choice - Space Warz, Tomb Raider, Black Hawk Down. Storm trooper sized storm troopers, ancient pyramids and a real downed helicopter.
We want to make sure you look great, can move freely, shoot at will and stay safe. Suit up in our ninja uniforms with full protection. Arm yourself with the latest US-sourced M16 replica. You’re good to go.
Scale is everything. We want you to immerse yourself in our worlds. That helicopter is the real deal. That’s the Raptor Park 4x4. Is that a sphinx in front of that pyramid? Big Ben and a London Taxi?
Over 90% of the UK population live within a 45 minute drive of a Delta Force Paintball centre. Each centre is in a beautiful, secluded woodland setting. Check our map for your nearest.
We take care of everything. We program your day and look after you throughout to make sure you get the very most out of the whole experience. The most paintball for your money.
Our teams are there to make sure you max out on fun. Safe and responsible, they have many years experience in looking after kids, adults and big groups. Prepare to enjoy.
Our many years experience has enabled us to ensure you, your children, your staff or your friends are always in the safest possible hands. Paintball is physical so we need to be highly responsible.
Our paintball experience can take it out of you. Don’t worry, refreshments are on hand. Eat drink and paintball. It’s the complete experience where you don’t have to worry about anything.


Delta Force Paintball centres are never far away. In fact, 90% of the UK and Ireland’s population live within a 45 minute drive of a Delta Force Paintball centre. Find your nearest.

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