Zombies’ Crypt

Player takes refuge behind coffin from opposition Zombie Crypt Backstory:

Scientists for several years have been experimenting with diseases and mistakenly created a flesh-eating virus, which is consuming the planet and turning anyone who is infected into a Zombie! The human race is becoming over-run by these tormented souls and is fighting for survival against these deceased mutants! The remaining survivors have a zombie head in their grasp already and need to retrieve a second severed Zombie head from the Zombies to continue they’re testing to reverse the disease. The battle has come to this grizzly end amongst a graveyard and will decide whether the human race continues to exist or become extinct! The Zombies are seeking back the severed heads of their own and won't let anybody stand in their way!

Mission Objectives:

Both sides begin at each end of the graveyard and must battle their way through the tombstones and caskets to gain a stronger position on the graveyard. The severed heads are positioned behind both teams at the start points so its key that players are eliminated from the opposition side to advance further and retrieve the severed head. Once the severed head is in possession it must be escorted back to the starting point for said team and sat alongside the second severed head to secure the victory. In the case of the Zombies achieving this it means the almost confirmed extinction of the human race! If the humans secure both heads it enables the all-important tests to begin in order to find a cure to the flesh eating disease! Neither team can touch their own severed head during the course of the game

The boundaries for the game zone are marked with yellow boundary rope and any player crossing outside of the boundaries is considered to be eliminated and must then go to the designated dead zone.

The dead zone is marked in red and will be indicated to all players at the beginning of the game.

The Game will last for 20minutes, a brief break will occur out on the field and then the second round will start, please ensure you take enough ammunition with you to last for two games, you will not return to the safe area in between the two games.

Once the games have been played with both teams taking turns at being Zombies and Survivors, we will return to the safe zone for a longer break prior to the next playing zone.

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