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Black Hawk Down

Side Of Military Helcopter At Black Hawk Down Game Zone

As you and your elite unit move slowly through the jungle, you move deeper and deeper into hostile territory. Suddenly you hear a loud explosion overhead. An allied Black Hawk helicopter has been hit by an enemy RPG and has crash landed into unknown territory. Miraculously, the pilot has survived and has activated his distress signal, but he is located in unfamiliar territory behind enemy lines. There is only one way in to extract him to safety, and you must move fast. Your mission is to move your unit quickly and quietly through the jungle towards the downed helicopter. You must do whatever it takes to rescue the injured pilot and escort him away from danger before the enemy takes him in for ‘questioning’. Your comrades life depends on the success of this mission, you cannot let him down.

Top Tip: Whatever side you’re on, both teams will be fighting for control of the Black Hawk helicopter located in the centre of the game zone. We suggest you attack from both flanks and cut off the opposition’s access to the helicopter to increase your chances of securing victory.

This Game Zone is available at:
Dublin Paintball Centre
Hemel Hempstead, North West London Paintball Centre

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