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Going into the heat of the battle without wearing the proper paintball gear is a painful nightmare waiting to happen. Thankfully, only the most trusted equipment will be provided at our centres, all rigorously tested to meet the industry safety standards. As a five-star accredited venue of the UK Paintball Association, we feel it is our duty to put player safety and equipment reliability above all else.

The 0.50 calibre semi-automatic markers are the latest in paintball technology, quick action firepower that rarely lets a player down. The M16 upgrade gun gives players the opportunity to increase their rate of fire and improve accuracy, especially handy for the more gung-ho type of fighting style. There are limited numbers of these replica paintball guns available for hire on the day of your event, so we recommend securing yours early. Together, these markers offer a choice to approach battles in different ways; some occasions call for stealth and others brute force! To make sure that no one is caught short in a pivotal moment against the enemy, battle packs come as standard, allowing an extra four hopper refills.

Along with the rest of the equipment, guns will be checked by marshals when players return to base camp to ensure total reliability. If you happen to run into any problems with the equipment during and between matches, alert a marshal and replacements will be issued straight away.

The Delta Force coveralls and a high padded collar work perfectly with the US-spec helmet and goggle system, providing an all-round layer of protection that doesn’t hinder a player’s movement or vision and ensures the neck area is well looked after. Crucially, the helmet covers the scalp and the back of the head, no longer will you feel vulnerable in the heat of battle. CAUTION: not all paintball providers have the ability to offer full head protection, but we think it is essential for a comfortable day of paintballing.

For those who are extra safety conscious, body armour is also available free with any direct Delta Force booking. Our super-light-weight plated vest offers a comfortable and protective barrier between the player and the paintball, giving you ease of mind to focus on the game.

Thick padded gloves are also popular with our clientele, giving a better grip on the gun whilst also protecting the knuckles and exposed fingers – this is important, as a player’s shooting profile will often see the gun raised above their hiding spot, meaning the hands will most likely be in the line of fire. Delta Force armoured gloves are available for purchase at the time of booking or on the day of your game. These gloves are yours to keep, please feel free to bring back on your second event – they are even machine-washable!

To finish off your paintballing attire don’t forget your feet! We recommend you wear footwear with ankle support and deep-tread rubber soles to handle the varying woodland terrain. For further advice you can always give our friendly booking team a call or download our information guide for parents.

In addition to our high grade paintballs that are available to buy on the day at our UK paintball centres, we have a selection of hot food and snacks on offer as well as paintball grenades available for purchase for players aged 18+ years.

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At Delta Force Paintball you can have confidence that you are in safe hands; we own and operate over 35 National Paintball Centres and are associated with 10 further Local Paintball Centres located throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. Our mission is to ensure you experience the ultimate day out in complete comfort and safety.

We issue all players with the latest paintballing gear to ensure you look the part whilst being covered from top to toe. We provide body armour, combat suits with high padded necks, and a helmet/goggle-system that fully encloses the head (like a motorcycle helmet, but lightweight and fully vented).

Our themed game zones allow you to immerse yourself in action alongside friends, family and colleagues during sessions adventure. We have extensive experience hosting paintballing events for birthday parties, stag and hen celebrations and corporate team-building events.

We are 5-Star accredited members of the UKPBA (UK Paintball Association – the governing body of the sport in the UK), and we have full Public Liability Insurance. Through our economies of scale we are pleased to be able to pass these savings on to you. If value for money, convenience, quality and performance are important to you, then Delta Force is your best option for paintball games. We are aware that there are other paintball providers out there so we will endeavour to match any comparable paintball offer† from a competitor, meaning you can play paintball with the UK’s largest and safest paintball operator with the best available package!

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