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Paintball Parties

Paintball parties are ideal for children from the age of eight years. For specific details on hosting birthday parties for eight to 10 years olds click here. For Young Gunz birthday parties (10 years and older) please keep reading for further details on how to organise the most exciting birthday party around.

Over the last 20 years we have organised thousands and thousands of unforgettable birthday parties for young people. Years ago we were extremely honoured to host the 14th birthday parties of both the 2nd and the 5th in line to the throne of a major currently European nation – no names now! At Delta Force Paintball all our birthday boys and girls are treated like royalty.

When parents invite other people’s children to a paintballing birthday party their first concern is always the same – safety.  Delta Force Paintball is the industry leader, and it’s safety practices, procedures and equipment are correspondingly high.  Delta Force is proud of it’s first class safety record and totally committed to maintaining it.  We guarantee to return all children fully safe and sound (if at times a little muddy).

A day of paintball action is an unforgettable experience for any youngster, it’s like living out the action sequences they’ve otherwise only ever seen in computer games. For young boys and girls the experience of storming a machine gun nest with your best mates is quite simply heaven on earth! Kids eh? – go figure!

Boys Dressed In Black Paintball Kit With Facepaint


Junior Day Price


Entry and Equipment

Entry and equipment hire for a full day (9:15am-4:30pm approx.) of paintball £9.99

Junior Day Price


Including 300 paintballs per person

Entry and equipment hire for a full day (9:15am-4:30pm approx.) of paintball £25.99 (1) plus 300 paintballs per person

Junior Day Price


Including 500 paintballs per person

Entry and equipment hire for a full day (9:15am-4:30pm approx.) of paintball £35.99 (1) plus 500 paintballs per person

Day Itinerary




Check-in, issue of kit, getting dressed, loading ammo, teams organised


Safety speech, practice on target range


Games 1 & 2 »
Games 3 & 4 »
Games 5 & 6 »


Birthday announcements ( This is a great time to grab a snack, hotdogs or even have some Birthday cake if you have brought some with you)


Games 7 & 8 »
Games 9 & 10 »


Results ceremony, prize giving


Bonus game (time permitting)