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Mobile Paintball

Did you know Delta Force Paintball can come to your premises and provide a bespoke paintball event exclusively for you? If like Roger Taylor (Queen drummer, and client of Delta Force) you have a massive private forest – it’s so easy!  If not, then a field will be fine, and we’ll bring our inflatable ‘Supair’ game zone.  We will also supply paintball marshals and all the equipment needed for a great paintball event, whatever the occasion.

For a better idea of how our mobile paintball concept works, why not check out these guys in action? Delta Force Paintball recently teamed up with Doritos and the chaps at The LAD Bible for an epic indoor paintballing challenge. As you can see, everyone had a blast!

Interested in booking a mobile paintball day?

Securing your ideal date couldn’t be easier. Simply call one of our friendly event coordinators 24/7 on 0844 477 5115*. Alternatively you can visit our booking page to request a callback.