Tomb Raider

Delta Force Paintball Players Use Pharaoh As Cover

Your commando unit has been assigned a top-secret mission; to trek deep into the heart of the Amazonian jungle and locate an ancient pyramid, hidden from human eyes for hundreds of years. Many rumours have circulated about the mysterious pyramid, and it is said that a sacred amulet lies deep within the catacombs of the pyramid. This amulet is believed to posses remarkable powers that in the wrong hands could cause unimaginable destruction.

Evil forces are converging on the pyramid and they will stop at nothing to take the amulet. Your unit must do what it takes to extract the amulet to ensure the future for humankind remains untouched. Many others have tried before and failed, and time is running out. Can you capture the artefacts before they fall into the wrong hands? Get your team into the central tomb, secure the artefact and use the giant Sphinx as cover for you and your comrades to escape in one piece with the amulet.

Tip: The Pyramid can be entered from all sides – establish control of the Pyramid by surrounding it in a co-ordinated attack then quickly seize the amulet before the opposition knows what’s happening.

This Game Zone is available at:
Birmingham Paintball Centre
Cobham, Surrey Paintball Centre
Kegworth, Nottingham Paintball Centre
South Bristol Paintball Centre
Southampton Paintball Centre
Wakefield, Leeds Paintball Centre
West Glasgow Paintball Centre

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