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The Delta Force Colchester Paintball Centre is the newest member of the Delta Force Paintball family – and we absolutely love it! This fresh and extravagant centre is located just off the A12 and set in spectacular woodland, providing players with a stunning panoramic backdrop to their game play.

About the Colchester Paintball Centre

Paintballing in Colchester has always been a popular pastime with locals and visitors to the Southeast of England, and with this venue there is really something for keen paintball players to get excited about! With 6 stunning game zones, including WW2 Bunker Buster (reported to be one of the best games created), the Zombie inspired Dawn of the Dead and the tense Vietcong Village scenario – there is a great challenge here for every playing style and ability. Visit this centre to experience paintballing in Colchester at its very best.

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Paintballing Prices

Entry + Delta Force Kit


Entry and equipment hire for a Session of paintball from £9.99 per person

100 Paintball


£6.99 per 100 paintballs when purchased with upgrade packages

Game Zones

Game Zones

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