Enemy at the Gates

Set in 1942, the Soviet and German forces face a showdown in the ultimate battle of possession of Stalingrad. The German forces must work their way through a heavily guarded village, with only three key bridges providing access to the soviet occupied bunker. The streets are lined with tanks and it's up to you to navigate your unit safely. After months of fighting, both sides are under pressure and almost out of supplies.

Teamwork is key in this game, so organise your commando unit to provide cover fire as you make a coordinated attack towards the heavily protected Soviet bunker. This is a complex mission where you'll have to avoid guarded trenches and dodge fortified barricades along the way. One wrong move could spell disaster. Will you successfully overthrow the soviet defences before their reinforcements arrive?

This Game Zone is available at:
Belfast Paintball Centre
East Glasgow Paintball Centre
Edinburgh Paintball Centre
Liverpool Paintball Centre
Luton, North London Paintball Centre
Manchester Paintball Centre
Norra Stockholm Paintball Centre
Orpington Paintball Centre
South Bristol Paintball Centre

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