Jet Hijack

A serious incident involving a passenger plane is unfolding. Counter-terrorist forces have been deployed and have arrived at the scene and the plane has remained grounded. Armoured Personnel Carriers and expertly trained counter-terrorist operatives surround the plane to establish key positions. There are a number of hijackers and an unknown number of hostages that remain onboard. No demands have been made as of yet but orders have just come in from the top – you and your elite unit must storm the aircraft immediately and free the hostages to safety before it’s too late. You cannot make a mistake - the world is watching as the drama unfolds, and success is the only viable outcome.

Top tip: most of the action takes place in and around the aircraft that is located in the centre of the playing field. We recommend sending out small groups to the flanks so they can provide cover for the remainder of the team planning the attack.

This Game Zone is available at:
Upminster Alpha, East London Paintball Centre
Upminster Bravo, East London Paintball Centre

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