Command Post

Delta Force Players Fire From Fence At Command Post Back Story: Command Post

In a battle for hearts and minds a group of Elite Navy Seals have received vital Intel on the whereabouts of a local Insurgent Command Post. Information suggests that this particular Command Post is harbouring terrorist leaders how have plans for an imminent attack on key military targets.

As a Navy Seal it is your mission to move deep into enemy territory and retrieve the hidden explosives. Once you have these in your possession infiltrate the Command Post and negate the threat.

As an insurgent your homeland is under threat from brutal western forces. Protect your way of life and fight back, your last stronghold hides classified plans and will prove to be the key to this war – you must win at all costs.

Mission Objectives:

NAVY SEALS start several clicks south of the Command Post, the INSURGENTS begin within the confines of their base. The explosives start within striking distance of the Command Post and the bomb end location (where they must place the bomb). Using natural cover and disused local structures NAVY SEALS must advance towards the INSURGENTS, collect the bomb and place it in the end point before the game is over. INSURGENTS must simply stop the SEALS from both capturing the bomb and destroying their base.

  • NAVY SEALS receive 10 points if they place the bomb in its end location before the game is over
  • INSURGENTS receive 10 points if the bomb still remains in its start location at the end of the 15 minutes
  • If the time expires and the SEALS have the bomb, but have failed to place it in its end location then they receive 6 points and the INSURGENTS receive 4 points

The boundaries for the game zone are marked with yellow rope and both teams must remain within the zone at all times while in play. NAVY SEALS, once shot, can return to their start point to renter the game. INSURGENTS have only one life.

Once you are eliminated from the game you will need to make your way to the dead zone, which will be pointed out by the marshals at the start of the game.

Both colour teams will play the roles of each opposition force. This typically two round battle usually involves 40 minutes of paintball action, often with the use of riot shields so it goes the distance!

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