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The briefing is delivered via a CD, using a PA-system, so as to ensure that every safety consideration is properly addressed.  All players are required to attend the safety briefing.  Our marshaling personnel take the safety briefing very seriously, and will request all players pay close attention to it’s content.

Once the safety briefing is completed, each player will have his/her goggles touch-tested by a marshal prior to leaving the safe zone.  Delta Force staff perform a goggle touch-test on every player to ensure they are appropriately fitted and secured, thus removing the risk of potential injury.  All Delta Force goggles feature a chin strap to prevent goggles inadvertently lifting-up, and also a helmet unit (fully enclosing the head) that effectively prevents the goggles ‘slipping-down’ the face.

Players will then proceed through to the gun zone where they will be issued with a 0.68 calibre Paintball machine gun.  Players will then have the opportunity to enjoy a few practice shots in the target area, perfecting their aim for the game.

Once all players have their aim steady and goggles secured, the games begin!

When the day’s games are completed, all players return to the base camp to hand in their paintballing equipment and retrieve any personal belongings from the lockers.

Players may then prepare for the afternoon presentation, where the winners and the runners-up receive certificates in recognition of their performances.  The day’s activities conclude with the awards ceremony, and players can expect to leave the Delta Force Paintball centre at approximately 4:30pm. If your group is limited by time constraints then an alternate departure time can be organised.

A typical day begins at 9:15am sharp, however we advise groups to arrive at 9:00am to ensure registration forms are completed and play can commence on time.

Once registration forms have been completed, each player will be issued with all the equipment they need for the day, along with any pre-purchased items such as paintballs, paint grenades and lunch vouchers.

Delta Force Paintball understands the need for security whilst games are underway.  Each national Delta Force Paintball centre offers personal lockers for rent during the day, thus ensuring the safety of player’s possessions during the day.

Once each participant has been issued with their equipment, marshals will move around the basecamp dividing players into teams with coloured armbands. These teams have been predetermined by the Centre Manager according to the complete list of groups booked-in for the day. The teams will be divided equally by age, group size, and paintballing experience so as to ensure all games are competitive, safe and enjoyable for all players.

A 30 minute break is taken at approximately 1:00 pm, with drinks, crisps, sweets and a hot lunch (vegetarian options) available for purchase. Alternatively, groups are welcome to bring their own lunch and snacks. All national Delta Force Paintball centres supply 9″ personal pizzas for lunch except for the Liverpool Paintball Centre where we provide a pasta lunch option – please note these are generally an optional item subject to an additional charge. Covered seating areas with picnic tables are available at all Delta Force Paintball centres. Each centre provides complimentary tea and coffee throughout the day.

Before the start of play each player will receive a comprehensive briefing, which includes general information on how the day will run, along with the safety rules and regulations.