King’s Lynn Paintball

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King's Lynn Paintballing With Delta Force Paintball

The King’s Lynn paintball centre, just a few miles off the A10, offers four enthralling game zones for players to try out paintball tactics and manoeuvres. How about trying your hand at defending a fuel dump from a renegade militia hell-bent on securing the resources stored here? Use the awesome movie-quality props as your cover and sniping positions, and always be aware that your flanks may be compromised at any moment! Or maybe you would prefer to tap into your inner Rambo in Jungle Warfare, a map that requires a whole lot of stealth rather than the gung-ho approach? There will be countless opportunities to test your skills (and that of the opponent) as you share memorable paintball moments with friends and family at the King’s Lynn paintball centre.

Northwold Paintball Centre is the next closest venue to have a great adventure

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