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Delta Force

Northwold Paintball

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Great Paintballing in Northwold

Located in dense woodland near Downham Market and Thetford Forest Park, paintballing in Northwold is the perfect choice for paintball fans in Norfolk. Paintballing Northwold has years of experience creating versatile game zones designed to simulate the incredible live action combat for adult players aged 18yrs+.

Filled with an abundance of exciting mission scenarios that suitable for all playing styles, our Northwold Paintball Centre has made sure to cater for everyone with our sprawling woodland setting and exhilarating mission scenarios that guarantee a unique paintballing experience.

Feel the pressure as you battle your way through the war-torn game zones and put your stealth skills to the test as you creep through the world war two themed paintball arena filled with enemy combatants whose sole mission is to hunt and kill your troop.

With state of the art equipment, players get to take part in an action packed paintball day out wearing a paintball combat suit, mist-proof helmet and using a semi-automatic paintball gun. You’ll look and feel like Rambo as you head out on the battlefield.

After an unforgettable day out paintballing in Northwold you’ll be telling family and friends for years about your adventures. So no matter what event you have planned, your Northwold paintballing day out will be one to remember!

Book the Northwold Paintball Centre now by visiting the paintball booking page or calling our events team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0844 477 5115*.

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