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South Bristol Paintball

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South Bristol Paintballing With Delta Force Paintball

The South Bristol paintball centre is easily accessible from both the M5 or M4 and is within a 20 minute drive from Bristol town centre, or a 45 minute drive from Bath or Newport and a great option for Somerset. For detailed directions to this centre please click here.

North Bristol Paintball Centre is the next closest venue to have a great adventure

About The South Bristol Paintball Centre

The South Bristol paintball centre offers a totally unique Enemy at the Gates game scenario, which is very rare across our entire fleet. This map does the job in featuring three tanks, bridge crossings and a range of fortified bunkers for players to capture and defend. In addition to this, the exhilarating Vietcong Village scenario, complete with abandoned huts and strategically placed guard towers, leads to excellent opportunities for you to channel your inner sniper and win the game – unless your’e the Rambo type…and we don’t mind that at all. Maybe your enemies might..

This paintball centre holds the distinction of being located directly outside Bristol Airport – meaning you could even show up for a game of paintball after a long flight! For those not planning to reach the premises via aircraft of course..

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Paintballing Prices

Entry + Delta Force Kit


Entry and equipment hire for a Session of paintball from £9.99 per person

100 Paintball


£9.99 per 100 paintballs when additional ammo is required

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