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Players at Paintballing Kegworth with Helicopter
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Epic new refurbishment at Nottingham Paintball!

Nottingham, home to the infamous Robin Hood, bowman extraordinaire as he rides through the forest with his band of merry men… Time to fast forward – If you’re up for a 21st century adventure armed with the latest semi-automatic paintball...

Jack Jones and team at Delta Force Paintball

Pranks vs. Tanks for YouTube star Jack Jones at Orpington Paintball

With over 250,000 YouTube followers, practical joker and all-round funny man Jack Jones traded pranks for paintballs as he and his squad visited our Delta Force Paintball centre in Orpington. Taking a few snaps at basecamp, Jack didn’t hesitate to...

DDark films music video at Delta Force Upminster

UK Artist DDark films at Upminster Paintball

As a paintball centre we aim to create the most visceral and cinematic backdrops for all our players. So when London artist DDark asked if he could shoot his new single Frontline at the Upminster Paintball Centre, we jumped at...

Boys' Party Posing in Paintball Base Camp
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Summer holiday paintballing at Delta Force Paintball

With summer just around the corner, our regional teams are gearing up for an influx of avid paintball fans at our UK paintball centres. With blue skies, longer days and sunshine, it’s a great time of year to gather your...

Kid Aiming Delta Force Paintball Gun
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School paintball excursions at Delta Force Paintball

Organising any kind of outdoor event for school children can be a daunting task. If you’re looking for an activity that’s inclusive for all participants, represents great value and is entertaining for children, then choose Delta Force Paintball. We have...

Adult Paintball Players Posing with Terminator
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Kegworth paintballing delta force good outdoor fun

Kegworth Paintballing with Delta Force Paintball is quite simply, good outdoor fun! Where else can your explore the great outdoors, getting plenty of fresh air and exercise, hiding behind trees and shooting paintballs at your friends? And, being suitable for...

Bride in cow onesie poses with two friends
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Stag and hen paintball celebrations at Delta Force Paintball

Celebrate your last days of freedom at Delta Force Paintball! A day of paintballing in the great outdoors has it all – adventure, laughter and bonding with your mates. Team up with your nearest and dearest and celebrate a momentous...

Family smiling at Delta Force base camp

Plan and share your paintball experience

The Delta Force Paintball team has extensive experience arranging memorable paintball excursions; so if you feel the panic rising with the prospect of arranging a group of children for a school excursion, or herding 20 mates on a stag do,...

Kids Eating Pizza Lunch at Paintball Centre

Top 5 reasons why paintball parties at Delta Force are the best!

Organising a kid’s birthday party can be very stressful, with the pressure to ensure it’s engaging, affordable and is approved by all parents. If you’re finding it difficult to think of an event where all children can take part, falls...

Jabba the Hutt, Princess Leia, and Stormtroopers at Paintball base camp
Fun News

May the fourth be with you at Delta Force Paintball

In celebration of the universally celebrated Star Wars day, Delta Force Paintball offers fans the opportunity to get their fix and enjoy a day in the great outdoors at the same time. The Cobham Paintball Centre features it’s very own...

Superheroes assemble at base camp

Paintball Superheroes at Delta Force

Superheroes. Surely at some point they have wondered what it would be like to use their extraordinary powers for general day-to-day activities. After all, saving the world and fighting bad guys must get tiresome after a while! What about during...

Delta Force Paintball Players Inside Black Hawk Down

Kick Start Paintballing UK

Make 2017 your year and hit the ground in top gear. If you’ve made a resolution to get fitter and dedicate more time with friends and family this year, then we have a perfect way to help make it happen!...