Kegworth paintballing delta force good outdoor fun

Kegworth Paintballing with Delta Force Paintball is quite simply, good outdoor fun! Where else can your explore the great outdoors, getting plenty of fresh air and exercise, hiding behind trees and shooting paintballs at your friends? And, being suitable for both adults and children (over 10), it's an activity that the whole family can enjoy!

Found just off junction 24 on the M1 motorway, the Nottingham Paintball Centre in Kegworth is really convenient to get to. It even benefits from its own private entrance right next to the motorway junction! Great if you want a straight forward journey on your day out.

The venue has a great range of thrilling game zones to explore, all featuring awesome film-like props! There's Castle Wallenberg (which is home to a huge two-storey wooden fortress with sniper tower), Tomb Raider (featuring a large stone pyramid with tunnels and statues), Viet Cong Village (set in a seemingly abandoned Vietnamese village), Afghan Fort (complete with dug outs, trenches and several military vehicles), Mad Murphy's Jungle Attack (where players need to rescue an injured allied airman who's trapped deep inside the rainforest).

But your day wouldn't be complete, without coming face-to-face with the Delta Force Terminator! Armed with his deadly BT4 semi-automatic paintball makers, the rouge cybernetic assassin prowls the woods, looking for a gunfight! Should he wish to fight you, he'll raise his guns and point them in your direction. If you wish to accept, all you need to do, is point your gun back at him and take him on, one-to-one! Should you be considered a worthy foe, the Terminator will give up one of his awesome paintball guns for you to use for the remainder of the game!

Basecamp at the Nottingham Paintball Centre also benefits from: comfortable picnic areas with lots of seating, proper flushing WCs on mains water and secure lockers for guests to keep their valuables safe (for a small cost). Everything you need to feel comfortable during your stay with us. Players can even opt for a hot pizza lunch, freshly prepared by an offsite catering firm. Just notify us at the time of your booking, or on the day of your event, prior to 11am. If you're celebrating a special occasion with us, we can even arrange for cake (BYO) to be served.

If you'd like to find out more about Kegworth Paintballing with Delta Force Paintball, or to book a paintball event with us, call the bookings team on 0844 477 5115*.