Assault Rifle Paintball Markers Now Available at Delta Force


Paintball enthusiasts across the country now have the opportunity to take their game to the next level. Delta Force Paintball has taken delivery of a fleet of premium Assault Rifle Paintball Markers and are now available to be enjoyed. These state-of-the-art markers have a range of features and benefits that will have your opposition shaking in their boots.

Operations Manager, Carlos Brewer, is excited about the latest addition.

"This is the most significant advancement in upgrade markers available in the UK in years. We have already received unprecedented interest through our Booking Office and I look forward to sharing our shiny new toys with the masses"

Assault Rifle at Delta Force


Apart from looking like a sleek and intimidating piece of paintball weaponry, the new Assault Rifle markers come with a range of special features:

  • 11 inch Barrel for superior accuracy and distance
  • Silencer attached for stealth paintball combat
  • Sensitive Trigger so the only limitation you have is the speed of your finger
  • Adjustable Stock to get the perfect fit under your arm
  • Red-dot Scope to keep your opposition in your sights

Availability limited so reserve your Assault Rifle upgrade at time of booking NOW!!

Assault Rifle Paintballing