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Lone player stands in front of Speedball arena
Game Zones Tips & Tactics

Game Zone In Focus – Speedball

The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed… That’s you, the gunslinger. Striding across the barren land leading a mob of hardened mercenaries across the plains. You discover a fuel depot, perhaps the only fuel depot...

Three paintball players advance past blood-splattered fence
Game Zones Tips & Tactics

Game zone in focus – Zombies’ Crypt

You’ve prepared for this day. The undead have plagued both television and film screens worldwide and have now gnawed their way through to your favourite Delta Force Paintball game zone, the Zombies’ Crypt. Shuffling through the graveyards, the hungry hordes...

Two Paintball Players Advance on Hut Doorway
Tips & Tactics

Winning Paintball Tips and Tactics

Paintballing is a great team sport and is a great way to bond with your mates and have tons of fun. Like any game, everyone wants to win, so we have created this short list of paintball tactics that will...

Smiling Cashier Poses with Paintball Equipment
Tips & Tactics

What to wear paintballing at Delta Force

For novice players attending a Delta Force Paintball Centre, a common question is what to wear during the paintball experience. At all 35 UK paintball centres, we provide customers with the latest paintball gear to help you look the part...

Guys and Girls Smiling at Paintball Base Camp
Tips & Tactics

Paintball Tips & Tactics: The Essentials

Many first time players may feel overwhelmed by their first paintball experience at Delta Force Paintball, but there’s no need to worry, the majority of people are novice players so everyone is in the same boat. Our friendly staff are...

Players take cover beside tank
News Tips & Tactics

12 Tips To Up Your Paintball Game

Paintball Tactics & Tips For Improving Your Paintballing Skills Paintball at Delta Force is much more than just a team sport, or adrenaline adventure; it’s more than just a way to bond with your friends and family. It’s a battle...