Game zone in focus – Zombies’ Crypt

You’ve prepared for this day. The undead have plagued both television and film screens worldwide and have now gnawed their way through to your favourite Delta Force Paintball game zone, the Zombies’ Crypt. Shuffling through the graveyards, the hungry hordes are out for blood and will stop at nothing to turn you into zombie fodder.

Three paintball players advance past blood-splattered fence

It is rumored that the Holy Book hidden deep within the Dark Crypt’s high altar is the key to bringing peace back into the zone. Once taken from the Crypt the player must return it to the zombies’ spawning point to restore balance. However, seizing the Holy Book will require thought out paintballing tactics and some serious teamwork.

Think, who are always the first to go in zombie films? The ones who stop! Standing still will get you noticed and give time for the enemy to manoeuvrearound you. Keep yourself on the move to avoid any surprise attacks. Moving quietly and knowing your surroundings will help keep you off the zombies’ scent and can be the best approach to storming the crypt and winning the game.

Squad of paintball players sprint through graveyard

Though sometimes going full force is the only way and running out of ammo is not an option! Be sure to stock up with our high-grade paintballs that are available to buy on the day at our UK paintball centres. Warriors over 18 years can also make use of paintball grenades to eliminate the enemy.

Be smart, leaving the group to attempt a whole bunch of Hollywood stunts may sound fun but lone targets are easy to take out. Stick with your team, communicate with each other and plan your next move.

Three paintball players prepare to rush entrance to Crypt

These are just a few simple tips that when put into practice can improve your chance of fending off the zombie apocalypse and storming into victory! So if you’re inspired to test out your skills at any one of our 35 UK paintball centres, contact an event coordinator on 0844 477 5115* or book online:https://www.paintballgames.co.uk/booking/