Winning Paintball Tips and Tactics

Paintballing is a great team sport and is a great way to bond with your mates and have tons of fun. Like any game, everyone wants to win, so we have created this short list of paintball tactics that will help you on your way to victory on our paintball battlefields.

Two Paintball Players Advance on Hut Doorway

Paintball Tactics:

  • Plan - When working within a team it is important to establish a plan of attack or defense, having a strategy or game plan will provide a much better chance at success.
  • Communicate - One of the most important tactics is communication with your teammates. Like the old saying goes, there is no "I" in teamwork so it's essential you talk about your approach in each of the game zones to ensure you stay one step ahead of the opposition.
  • Don't go solo - We all see ourselves as Rambo when on the battle field but remember that paintball is a team sport and you stand a much chance at winning by working together. Ensure that you maintain communication with your teammates and stick to your agreed offensive game plan. Stick close to your team - you will have more options to get out of sticky situations should the opposing team put the pressure on you.
  • Keep moving - Standing still or staying in the same spot will get you noticed and the opposing team will be able to manoeuvre around you. Don't be afraid of advancing to a point where you will be of greater use to your team, staying thirty yards behind the front line will help no one and you probably won't be within range of the enemy.
  • Gain Intel - gain as much information about the game zones and study the mission brief prior to the game starting. If you can make a mental map of the game zone and identify key hiding spots and great places to use as cover, then you will begin the game with confidence and be more efficient as a team.
  • Stealth Mode - an aggressive approach may work in certain situations, but discreet and planned movements will pay off in the long run. Take time when moving from cover to cover, move quietly and keep your head down. Make sure that any attachments such as your marker's hopper or Go-Pro camera is not giving your location away to the enemy. By blending in with your surroundings and using diversionary tactics you will most likely end up with a positive result.
  • Stay Positive and Have Fun - maintain a positive outlook. This can be easier said than done when under enemy fire and feeling the pressure. However, a positive mindset is important when you are playing paintball, even when the odds are against you a positive mindset can boost the team morale. Don't forget to follow the golden paintball rules and have lots of fun!!
  • Learn how to use pyrotechnics - Pyrotechnics are various paintball grenades such as flashbangs, thunderflashes, paint grenades and smoke grenades available at all Delta Force Paintball centres. Flashbangs can keep the enemy's heads down long enough for you to execute an plan of attack, use the element of surprise against them with smoke grenades or flashbangs or take out multiple enemies with the use of paint grenade.

These are just a few simple tactics that when put into practice can be very effective and can improve your chance of winning during a day of paintball at Delta Force Paintball. If you're inspired to test out your skills at any one of our 35 UK paintball centres, contact an event coordinator 24/7 on 0844 477 5115* or alternatively you can request a call back.