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Paintballers, It’s cold outside

Paintball is a great excuse to get outdoors and active in the chilly winter months, when it can be hard to find your own motivation to otherwise leave the sofa. Especially in the current climate, with so few things operating as normal, paintball remains a Covid-compliant activity that continues all year round. With this in mind, checking out Delta Force’s top tips for maximising your paintball adventure this winter. Thin over thick. The temptation might be to wrap yourself in as many thick layers as possible, but this will weigh you down and overheat you! Lots of thin layers instead will keep you insulated, while our specialist body armour and overalls will keep you padded and protected. Paintball gloves are also available for purchase at our basecamps and, speaking of basecamp, hats and balaclavas are a good idea to keep ...

Paintballer Covered by Paint

Girls have barbies and boys have guns?

Boys always tell us to run along and play with our barbies or tell us that all we think about is hair, nails, shopping and boys. Even though we may take a beating sometimes, let’s face it, boys love it ...

Lily Allen Delta Force Paintball Group

Lily Allen Celebrates 30th Birthday Bristol

On Saturday 2nd May, singer Lily Allen was treated to a surprise birthday celebration at Delta Force Paintball in North Bristol. Whilst the world waited with bated breath for news of the arrival of the royal baby, Lily was facing ...

David Crellin at Delta Force Paintball Shaking Hand with Paintball Manager

Coronation Street’s David Crellin visits Delta Force Paintball

Last week, the well known actor, soap regular, musician and 'Coronation Street' star, David Crellin, came down to our Liverpool paintball centre, for a day of high-adrenaline paintball action. With a band of young lads in tow, David spent the ...

Delta Force Players At Top Of Castle Wallenberg

Delta Force Paintball Sussex – the ultimate family day out!

Delta Force Paintball Sussex is conveniently located near the M23 motorway in Crawley, surrounded by the beautiful Sussex countryside. It's the perfect setting for anyone looking for a fun outdoor activity with a stunning backdrop. Our paintball experience days in ...

Personal Shield at Delta Force Paintballing

What will paintball look like in the future?

In a world of constantly evolving technology it's easy to blink once and have the latest technological marvel pass you by. I still wake up on a daily basis hoping that today will be the day that I get my ...

Kids Paintball Group

5 reasons why you should take your kids paintballing this half term!

So Autumn half term is in full swing and your kids have already laid siege to the sofa to play their latest video game for hours on end. Granted, they look like they’re having fun, but it can’t last forever, ...

Close Up Of Delta Force Player At Mobile Game Zone

Two exercises to improve your shooting accuracy

One of the most useful skills to master when you’re playing paintball is being able to shoot accurately, so in this short blog post I will outline a number of exercises you can perform to increase your shooting accuracy. Now ...