Bang bang you’re fed – new lunch at Delta Force Paintball

In our ongoing mission to provide you with the ultimate paintball experience, we are now offering a freshly cooked pizza lunch at most centres throughout the UK. Sourced from premium pizza providers, these delicious pizzas are the ideal fuel source to keep you energised and alert out in the field of battle.

Priced at only £5.49 for a nine inch pizza, most centres offer a choice of a pepperoni or cheese and tomato pizza.  Because pizzas are cooked and delivered fresh by premium providers throughout the UK, all lunch orders must be placed before 11:00am, so remember to order your delicious lunch before the first action-packed game. You can also pre-order pizzas at the time of booking, so remember to fuel up and be prepared for a full day of outdoor adventure.

To organise a day of paintball with Delta Force call the booking office on 0844 477 5115*

* Some lunch details vary between sites. Please confirm details with the booking office.