Two exercises to improve your shooting accuracy

One of the most useful skills to master when you’re playing paintball is being able to shoot accurately, so in this short blog post I will outline a number of exercises you can perform to increase your shooting accuracy.

Now to perform the first exercise you will need a paintball gun, or something similar to fire at targets. You will also need 5 cones and one large target, you could use an old bin or something similar.

Place the 5 cones on the ground in a straight line with about 5 feet between each one, and place your main large target on the ground around 10 feet in front of the line of cones. What you are going to be doing is moving from cone to cone and shooting at the target. When you get to a cone, slow down and fire off a round at the large target, and then repeat this when you get to the next cone.

When you are performing this exercise you want to simulate a situation as if you were shooting on a real paintball field when you’re moving, so don't come to a complete halt and aim accurately, just shoot in the general direction of the target. Naturally your aim will get better as you practise more shooting in this manner.

The second exercise will be similar but you will be shooting at a target from one point as opposed to moving in between cones. For this exercise you will need one cone and one target to aim at again. This time we are going to put our target 15 feet in front of our cone, and we are going to be shooting at that target from three different positions, which will be on your knees, crouching, and then standing.

For this exercise we want to spend a maximum of 30 seconds performing shots from the three different positions, swiftly going from standing taking a shot, to crouching and taking a shot and then on your knees and taking a shot. Similar to the last exercise, the emphasis should be on shooting at speed.

The two exercises above have been designed by paintball professionals to improve your shooting skills in a game situation; if you practise them on a regular basis you should see a significant increase in your shooting accuracy.