Scenario paintball – how it can add more excitement to your game

Scenario paintball is an area of paintball that is growing at a very fast rate. A scenario paintball game is described as a paintball game that is played with another theme to it aside from just paintballing. Usually these themes will either be specific events that have happened or they may be based around movies.

Traditionally paintball started off in fields with basic structures such as a few barrels and logs as shields, but as the sport has grown as more companies are starting to invest heavily in movie set quality game scenarios.

At Delta Force we currently have a number of different paintball scenarios ranging from movie-set themes such as the Terminator, through to D-Day based game zones, where players can re-enact specific parts of the event such getting off boats and shooting paint. We invest heavily in the equipment at our scenarios and we recently purchased a number of tanks and a scud missile launcher that featured in a James Bond movie.

For most people these scenarios add another level of excitement to their game when they are playing paintball. Instead of just playing in a field shooting opposing team mates, you could re-enact a battle such as the D-day landings that occured in Normandy.

The UK Scenariopaintballing facilities are still not as developed as in the U.S, but the UK is catching up in terms of players and facilities.