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50 Calibre Change over

When Delta Force Pioneered the launch of Miniball for kids as young as 8 many years ago, our aim was to make paintballing accessible to all and to make it as safe as possible and this change is a huge step in the right direction. Thanks to a lot of hard work from Delta Force Paintball and the AUPBA we have successfully managed to upgrade all of our markers to the new .50 Calibre paint and paintballs. After many years of work to reduce the age of players that were able to take part in Paintball from our team in Australia the next step was, moving all our centres to .50 cal. This change means great things for all Paintballers taking part at any of our centres. The .50 Cal markers should mean better accuracy, less gun jams, a lighter ...

Delta Force Paintball Tippman Paintball Marker

Semi-automatic paintball marker – technological marvel

The paintballing semi-automatic marker is a technological marvel, with dozens of parts and mechanisms all requiring the slightest changes in pressure and movement to work, not to mention having to be able to withstand the rigours of player use during ...

Paintballing Body Armour

Body armour- paintball without the PAIN

Delta Force Paintball has equipped all it's paintball centres with custom DF body armour. This means you can now play paintball without the pain. Rather like a military 'flak jacket' these units keep you safe from injury - an incoming ...

Girls and Paintball Manager Striking a Pose

Hot-pants – yes or no?

The recent spell of hot weather here in the UK got two Delta Force cashiers in trouble with the top brass over a breach of DF’s strict uniform code for staff working at its paintball centres. The code requires all ...

Delta Force Player Looking Down The Side Of Paintball Gun

Delta Force South East London stars in new Halifax advert!

When the friendly people at Halifax asked if they could visit our South East London Paintball Centre to film 'Super Friend' Danny Western getting pelted with hundreds of paintballs for their latest television commercial, we were hardly going to say ...

Roger Federer with Paintball Gun

Wimbledon 2015 – New Paintballs Please!

The sun is shining, the newspapers are full of Andy Murray-isms and Sue Barker’s face is permanently on your television screen. It can only mean one thing – WIMBLEDON 2015! As Scotland’s finest baller smashes his way towards Sunday’s final, ...

Miniballers pose with equipment

Celebrate your birthday – Delta Force style!

Every time you visit a Delta Force paintball centre we strive to bring you the ultimate paintball experience. When you share your birthday with us down at one of our centres, we go that extra mile to ensure your day ...

Player takes shot under Soviet truck

6 Examples of Extreme Paintballing

Paintball is already pretty exciting, but could we make it even more exciting? I wrote an article recently about a pair of giant 15 foot tall paintballng robotis that might be coming to a deathmatch arena near you in 2016. ...

Manchester Paintballing Kids Birthday Party Action Shot

Paintball Guns: Mini-Ball Spyders to M16 Bravo One Replicas

The M16 Bravo One replica semi-automatic paintball marker is our most sought after, exclusively available at Delta Force paintball centres across the UK. But, what makes it so special? Well, it features an 11” barrel with built in sight, a ...

Mini Paintball Players at Shooting Range

Mini paintball now at the Kent paintball centre!

Delta Force has expanded mini paintball events to cater to young paintball fans in the Kent area. Delta Force offers this unique paintball experience tailored specifically to 8-10 year olds at our landmark paintball centre in Westerham, Kent, all year ...

Paintball Player with a Poppy

Paintball 101: Camouflage

Since the Delta Force blog started back in 2009, our paintball experts at Delta Force HQ have been dedicated to bringing our readers the latest in all things paintball. Our Paintball 101 series has been extremely well received among our ...

Birthday Celebration at Delta Force Paintball

Cake + friends + paintball = a truly amazing birthday party

As much as we take pleasure in hosting crazy stag & hen parties and successful corporate paintballing events, nothing really compares to the sight of a group of children enjoying an amazing birthday party at a Delta Force centre. That ...

Ministry of Paintball Terrible Game Zone Example

Ministry of Paintball scam in Andover

Ministry of Paintball personnel have again been incorrectly claiming to be representatives of Delta Force Paintball.  We would like to make it clear that we have no association whatsoever with this company. Ministry of Paintball does not own any paintball ...