Body armour- paintball without the PAIN

Delta Force Paintball has equipped all it's paintball centres with custom DF body armour. This means you can now play paintball without the pain. Rather like a military 'flak jacket' these units keep you safe from injury - an incoming paintball will hit one of the hard plastic plates built into the body armour and then burst harmlessly marking you with a splash of vivid colour.  You will be able to tell you have been hit, but you will feel no pain.  Awesome! The UKPBA (the governing body of the sport of paintball in the UK) supports this initiative and believes it will open up the sport to an even wider audience.  For children and ladies - this is a must.

The new DF body armour has been custom-designed exclusively for Delta Force - each unit comprises 20 hard plastic plates woven into a breathable fabric skin.  The 'plates' are fully articulated (they move as you move, and mould themselves to your body shape).  The armour fully protects your body - paintballs can hit and burst on you without you feeling a thing.  Excellent for ladies, children and those of us that plain just don't like pain!

The UKPBA (the governing body of the sport of paintball) recommends that all players be provided with body armour - yet most operators do not yet do this.  Delta Force is proud to lead the way and to offer all players body armour without extra charge.