Wimbledon 2015 – New Paintballs Please!

The sun is shining, the newspapers are full of Andy Murray-isms and Sue Barker’s face is permanently on your television screen. It can only mean one thing – WIMBLEDON 2015!

As Scotland’s finest baller smashes his way towards Sunday’s final, it got us thinking. What would the world’s greatest tennis tournament be like if it was played paintball style?

This awesome video should give us an idea...

Don’t worry, all Delta Force Paintball Centres provide state of the art paintball equipment, including combat suits and full US spec head protection, so the face painting can wait until the evening!

Paintberries and cream?

For decades Wimbledon and strawberries have gone hand in hand, but we think it’s about time the British public were treated to another delicious dish. Introducing paintballs and cream! It may not sound appetising, but we figured if Heston Blumenthal can fuse ice cream with liquid nitrogen then this should be fine! Right?

Equipped to win

Much like Delta Force Paintball’s epic movie set game zones, Centre Court is a breathtaking and beautiful battlefield, which is presumably why seven time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer is rocking the Delta Force sub machine paintball gun look here. We always knew he was a secret paintball fan!

Roger Federer with Paintball Gun

Worried about Wimbledon withdrawal symptoms?

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