6 Examples of Extreme Paintballing

Paintball is already pretty exciting, but could we make it even more exciting? I wrote an article recently about a pair of giant 15 foot tall paintballng robotis that might be coming to a deathmatch arena near you in 2016. At the time I thought that was probably extreme paintballing at its best; then I dug a little deeper - into the darkest corners of YouTube - and discovered some pretty extreme paintballing contenders.

Before we go through the list, I do have to point out that the following items are neither endorsed nor used by Delta Force Paintball - or myself. These items are simply the product of wild imaginations and definitely shouldn't be replicated at home (or anywhere else for that matter). Now that's over with, let's get on with the list.

1. Extreme Paintballing: Paintball Landmines

Nothing livens up a tactical game of paintball more than several litres of paint shot straight up your trouser leg and into your face - or in this case mountain dew. This landmine is actually one of the mildest items on the list, despite the fact that landmines are generally the last weapon of war to get invited to the NATO Christmas party.

Video courtesy of Mikefilkins YouTube channel

2. Extreme Paintballing: Paintball Sniper Rifle

You have to admire the chap in this video for his ingenuity, which almost makes up for the poor sound quality of his video. That sniper rifle does looks pretty awesome though. Can't help but wonder just how accurate it would be over long distances. Who cares though, you'll look cool.

Video courtesy of the MinettiPaintball YouTube channel

3. Extreme Paintballing: Paintball Mini-Gun

I think the person behind this video may have watched one or two many Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, thought I do salute the gent in the video for the safety equipment he appears to be wearing. I should also point out that unless I'm mistaken, the weapon at the start of the video isn't the actual mini-gun so don't get too excited.

Video courtesy of the Chaîne de CarpeLabel YouTube channel

4. Extreme Paintballing: Paintball Sentry gun

They say that the paintball marker is only ever as good as the marksman behind it - I don't know who said that, or even who THEY actually are - but still, you get the point. The next video is of a chap that decided to use his extreme intellect and mastery of engineering to build an autonomous fully automatic paintballing weapon - capable of shooting anyone, including himself, repeatedly in the backside. He really must have wanted that beer really bad.

Video courtesy of the Tony Stark YouTube channel

5. Extreme Paintballing: Paintball Tanks

Yep that's right paintballing tanks. The video probably doesn't do them much justice but they do look pretty cool. Can't help but wonder what the point is exactly though? It just kinda seems like overkill when you could just mount a paintball gun on an RC car and get the same result. What's next? An apache gunship helicopter with a super soaker mounted on the front?

Video courtesy of the James Cook YouTube channel

6. Extreme Paintballing: Paintball Quadrocopter

Okay, so I take it back about the apache gunship helicopter because I think I'm actually sold on this bad boy. Just imagine this; a giant futuristic paintball game zone with a dozen of these drones floating around. The object of the game would be survival against both land and air attacks. Maybe the maker could get in touch with the sentry gun chap from earlier and come up with some kind of hybrid monstrosity? Just don't start thinking of hooking it up with gatling guns and landmines too, some of us need to sleep at night without the knowledge of something like that is out there!

Video courtesy of the Mounir Zoorob YouTube channel