The brief history of Paintballing

Most people think that paintball was originally invented in America by Mr Peter Paintball before the idea was sold to the UK for $10 an undisclosed sum. Of course, that is just what THEY want you to think. The real truth behind the origin of paintball is actually a well guarded secret known only to a select few billion people. You definitely won't find any information on Wikipedia....

Want to know the real truth? Reckon you can handle the real truth? Alright, fair enough... read on....

Delta Force Paintball Berryball Logo

A berry silly argument

The game of paintballing dates right back to the first argument between a cave man and cave woman. These two primates were arguing over who had the better berries. The cave man had been picking blue ones all day. His cave wife was picking red. She grunted that hers were full of flavour. He grunted back that his were a better colour. One thing lead to another and the berries were thrown at each other. The cave man took his berries into the woods and the cave woman chased after him with hers. Once she found him they began to have a berry-fight. Eventually, both were covered in the berry juice and they realised that this was a lot of fun. Soon the others in their tribe were asked along. They formed teams and Berry Balling (the early name for paintballing) was born. All this over a silly argument... They were both wrong though, yellow berries are the best.

Paintball History - Cavemen

A really old pyramid scheme

The game of Berry Balling was enjoyed for a long time in the woods with all its natural cover. One day though, a powerful pharaoh called Shootankhamun decided that better game zones were needed. He and the finest game zone designers of the time brain stormed ideas and eventually came up with several huge pointy structures. With all their mighty imagination they named these structures the pyramids. If you look in our game zones today we have the Tomb Raider game zone as a homage to the great Shootankhamun. Who would have thought that one of the greatest mysteries of all time was actually built as a paintball game zone? I bet you thought it was aliens that made them. That’s just silly, they only helped a little bit.

Paintball History - Ancient Egyptians

They musket had better things to do

Athos, Aramis, Porthos and D’artagnan were avid berry balling fans. History knows these men better as the three musketeers and D’artgnan. After a long and hard day protecting France and the king, the three friends decided to relax with a game of Berry Balling. Unfortunately, Porthos - being the bigger target - was always losing the game. Thankfully, this time he had an amazing idea which would change how Berry Balling was played forever. He took his musket apart and added the berries into it. Voila, the first paintball gun was made. Sadly Porthos was still a large man and still lost the game, but at least Berry Balling with a gun was invented.

First Paintballer in History

Bang up to date

The game of paintball may have been around since that silly argument about the berries, but it wasn't until the 1980’s when its popularity grew. During that era, everyone wanted to be an action hero like Arnold Schwarzengger, Sylvester Stallone or Chunk from the Goonies. It wasn't until 1989 when Mr Delta and Mr Force got together that the game really began to take shape. Their idea was to make paintballing safer and more affordable for anyone who wanted to play. And so, Delta Force Berryball was created only to be replaced moments later (after an argument much like the original cave man and cave woman) with the new name of Delta Force Paintball. Though they kept the Berryball logo for a while because they both thought it looked 'rad'.

Now with over 700k yearly players, 1000 members of staff and paintball centres in the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand there never has been a better time to become part of history.

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