Choose HIIT for the perfect paintball training!

If you are looking for a great form of exercise then paintball is definitely the sport for you. Not only is paintballing great cardio, it's a great alternative to circuit training as you attempt to outpace the opposition whilst ducking and diving through the trees in our paintball game zones.

Often paintball players are curious about exercises and diet tips that might give them the competitive edge on the paintball day. So we got chatting to our resident fitness expert/personal trainer/senior marshall Zoe Jessy. Scroll down to hear what she had to say.

Hiit Paintball Exercise

High Intensity Interval Training - perfect for paintball!

It’s official! High intensity interval training (HIIT) is the best fitness program around for paintball players. The program consists of short bursts of intense exercise (e.g. squats), followed by short periods of slightly less intense exercise, like walking or jogging.

We’ve found the best formula to be 40 seconds of intense exercise followed by 20 seconds of less intense exertion. Repeat for four minutes (or up to 30 minutes if you’re feeling particularly hardcore).

The HIIT training program is a sure-fire way to burn fat and ensure you’re match-fit for an intense day of paintballing. Not only is the program a great way to shed the pounds, it also fits perfectly around your busy lifestyle. Mix with a high protein diet and you’ll be a pro paintball player in no time.

Remember to take care when exercising. Stay safe and know your limits, even if this means consulting a doctor beforehand. Remember to stretch, stay hydrated and stay aware of your surroundings. Exercise should be fun!

So without further ado, here are our three best high-intensity pre-paintball workouts!


Everyone knows how to sprint. You just run fast. This simple yet effective exercise is a good one to mix with something we like to call ‘jogging’. Sprint for 40 seconds then jog for 20. Repeat. Win.


This exercise works well with weights, but can easily be done without if you’re feeling wimpy. Begin by standing (with or without weights). Bend your knees and move your hips down to your lower torso. Slowly return to a standing position and repeat.


A burpee consists of five stages. We like to think of them as high-intensity star jumps for champions. 1. Stand upright 2. Drop into a squat with your hands on the ground 3. Kick back your feet, keeping your arms extended 4. Quickly return to the squat position 5. Jump up from squat and repeat

Paintball players diet

Combine these three exercises with this healthy protein-rich example diet and you will be on the fast-track to become the fittest paintball player in town!

Breakfast Brown toast with peanut butter Lunch Brown rice and mixed vegetables Dinner Chicken and whole-wheat (brown) pasta Snacks Nuts (cashew, walnut, pistachio), cottage cheese, lentils and/or pumpkin seeds, fruit shakes, anything brown.

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