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Unleash your inner Rambo at Delta Force Paintball Nottingham!

Unleash your inner Rambo at Delta Force Paintball Nottingham!

It comes as no surprise that the two centres that are in close proximity to Nottingham-based paintball players - Nottingham and Staffordshire Paintball centres – are among the best Delta Force Paintball has to offer! Set within acres of lush green forests, providing plenty of natural cover to go with our man-made structures, players have the opportunity to really get to grips with semi-automatic paintball weaponry and tactics. Whether you see yourself as an against-all-odds commando behind enemy lines, a silent sniper attempting flank manoeuvres or a total team player, you'll find it hard to wipe the smile off your face when you immerse yourself in our epic game zones!


Staffordshire paintballing venue


Speaking of which, the themed battle zones at the main Nottingham paintball centre are unlike any paintball arena you have seen or are likely to see! Delta Force Paintball invests thousands of pounds into constructing large-scale props and reshaping the woodland surroundings to add to the authenticity of your paintballing experience. Towering fortresses, churches, pyramids; we believe the more unique, the better your paintball experience will be, and these types of structures are often enjoyed most by our players!


Nottingham's display of latest paintball guns


If you're planning a birthday for that special son, daughter or friend, or maybe you've been stuck with organising the weekend events for the stag or hen – paintballing with Delta Force Paintball is a sure-fire solution to your problems! Phone our friendly booking team on 0844 477 5115*to arrange a day out at the Nottingham Paintball centre.

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