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Assault Rifle Paintball Markers Now Available at Delta Force

***BREAKING NEWS*** Paintball enthusiasts across the country now have the opportunity to take their game to the next level. Delta Force Paintball has taken delivery of a fleet of premium Assault Rifle Paintball Markers and are now available to be enjoyed. These state-of-the-art markers have a range of features and benefits that will have your opposition shaking in their boots. Operations Manager, Carlos Brewer, is excited about the latest addition. "This is the most significant advancement in upgrade markers available in the UK in years. We have already received unprecedented interest through our Booking Office and I look forward to sharing our shiny new toys with the masses" Features: Apart from looking like a sleek and intimidating piece of paintball weaponry, the new Assault Rifle markers come with a range of special features: 11 inch Barrel for superior accuracy and ...

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Happy Holidays From Delta Force!

Want to see a real spectacle this New Years? You don’t need to travel miles to view a dazzling display of pyrotechnics this year. With 35 Delta Force Paintball centres around the UK with access to the finest pyrotechnic equipment...


Use The Force At Space Warz

“If paintball didn’t thrill you enough then. It will now.” For those of you like us that are giddy at the release of the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, we have something truly special to tell you. Anyone...

Delta Force Players Group

Celebrate St Andrews Day

Did you know on November 30th, people across the country gather together for St Andrews Day to celebrate and share good times? The slogan Be Like St Andrew is something celebrated in Scotland where people are encouraged to participate by...

paintball players at tomb rider delta force game zone

Game Zone In Focus: Tomb Raider

With Swedish actress Alicia Vikander breathing new life into the Tomb Raider franchise, here at Delta Force Paintball, we offer players the tools to explore their inner adventurer. Our Tomb Raider game zone is not only a fan favourite but...

Group of Adults Paintball Players

Treat your workmates to a Delta Force feast!

Hohoho-no is that another dreary Christmas work party invitation in your inbox? You can picture it now, asking the routine festive-related questions whilst subtly eying up the free glasses of fizz circulating the room. So before being roped into an...

All Systems Mo Delta Force Paintball

All Systems Mo At Delta Force

For those of you courageous souls doing Movember this year, Delta Force Paintball salutes you! Don’t think for one second that furry little caterpillar nestled above your upper lip is anything less than the emblem of solidarity and awareness. In...

Delta Force Paintball Players at Tomb Raider

Swap the socks for Paintball Vouchers this Christmas!

Stop! Wait. Before you reach for those pair of socks, just think for a second. What would look better? Your loved one trying to feign their best smile as they open yet another pair this Christmas or them waking up...

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Equipment Game Zones News

Operation Black Friday

Are you prepared for the chaos that is about to rain down on the world? The streets filled with hysteria as customers suffer the interminable queues just to get a slither of the action. Or the surge of online traffic...

Operation Desert Storm game zone

Delta Force Paintball Calls Out To All Gamers

With Call of Duty finally taking a step back from futuristic shooters and going back to 1944 war-torn Europe, players can immerse themselves in a more realistic setting. Here at Delta Force Paintball the experience couldn’t feel more real! Our...

Super Seven Paintball

The Delta Force Super Seven

During the twenty five years of experience our Delta Force Paintball staff has witnessed countless paintball games. They have seen it all, whether it be the trash talking corporate executives breaking into tears in the heat of combat, the team...

Group of Kids Celebrating Paintball Victory

Delta Force Paintball Myths Debunked

There are plenty of ways to experience the outdoors and get some exercise, but there really isnt anything as fun as a round of paintball with friends – even if they are temporary enemies! Aside from getting you moving, paintball...

Players Raise Paintball Guns at Castle Wallenberg

Game Zone In Focus – Castle Wallenberg

This monumental two-story fortress lies deep within the heart of the Bavarian forest. Occupants of the castle have long since fled as evil forces now inhabit the castle walls. Your mission is to mount an attack against the seemingly impenetrable...