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Paintballers, It’s cold outside

Paintball is a great excuse to get outdoors and active in the chilly winter months, when it can be hard to find your own motivation to otherwise leave the sofa. Especially in the current climate, with so few things operating as normal, paintball remains a Covid-compliant activity that continues all year round. With this in mind, checking out Delta Force’s top tips for maximising your paintball adventure this winter. Thin over thick. The temptation might be to wrap yourself in as many thick layers as possible, but this will weigh you down and overheat you! Lots of thin layers instead will keep you insulated, while our specialist body armour and overalls will keep you padded and protected. Paintball gloves are also available for purchase at our basecamps and, speaking of basecamp, hats and balaclavas are a good idea to keep ...

Tracy Kiss Paintballing

Tracy Kiss reviews Delta Force Paintball

Tracy Kiss nails #couplegoals If you’re looking for new ways to spend time with your significant other, why not spend a romantic day in the woods…playing paintball at Delta Force! Our paintball experience days are a great way to spend ...

Friends smile at Delta Force base camp

Paintballing with Delta Force this Easter holidays!

If you’re at a loose end when it comes to planning activities for the Easter holidays, there’s sure to be a Delta Force Paintball centre near you ready to provide an action-packed adventure for the whole family! With temperatures rising, ...

paintball players on valentines day at delta force paintball

5 Reasons Paintball is a Must Do Activity this Valentine’s Day

If you're looking to change things up this Valentine’s Day, then we think paintball is an excellent option! Besides being great exercise, heaps of fun and a ‘date with a difference’, there are loads of other benefits too. Let’s take ...

paintball player at gold rush game zone

Go For Gold At Delta Force Paintball

Here at Delta Force Paintball, if you look over to the West you can often see dust cloudslooming in the distance, vultures circling the sky and the sounds of conflict echoing the shadowy plains. Only the brave dare venture over ...

paintball players on new year at delta force paintball

Fight Off The January Blues!

With the festivities of Christmas and the holiday season behind us, give yourself a well-earned mood boost at Delta Force Paintball to welcome in the new year. With over 35 centres across the UK an action-packed paintball day out is ...

paintball players teamwork

Happy Holidays From Delta Force!

Want to see a real spectacle this New Years? You don’t need to travel miles to view a dazzling display of pyrotechnics this year. With 35 Delta Force Paintball centres around the UK with access to the finest pyrotechnic equipment ...


Use The Force At Space Warz

"If paintball didn’t thrill you enough then. It will now." For those of you like us that are giddy at the release of the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, we have something truly special to tell you. Anyone ...

Delta Force Players Group

Celebrate St Andrews Day

Did you know on November 30th, people across the country gather together for St Andrews Day to celebrate and share good times? The slogan Be Like St Andrew is something celebrated in Scotland where people are encouraged to participate by ...

paintball players at tomb rider delta force game zone

Game Zone In Focus: Tomb Raider

With Swedish actress Alicia Vikander breathing new life into the Tomb Raider franchise, here at Delta Force Paintball, we offer players the tools to explore their inner adventurer. Our Tomb Raider game zone is not only a fan favourite but ...

Group of Adults Paintball Players

Treat your workmates to a Delta Force feast!

Hohoho-no is that another dreary Christmas work party invitation in your inbox? You can picture it now, asking the routine festive-related questions whilst subtly eying up the free glasses of fizz circulating the room. So before being roped into an ...

All Systems Mo Delta Force Paintball

All Systems Mo At Delta Force

For those of you courageous souls doing Movember this year, Delta Force Paintball salutes you! Don’t think for one second that furry little caterpillar nestled above your upper lip is anything less than the emblem of solidarity and awareness. In ...

Delta Force Paintball Players at Tomb Raider

Swap the socks for Paintball Vouchers this Christmas!

Stop! Wait. Before you reach for those pair of socks, just think for a second. What would look better? Your loved one trying to feign their best smile as they open yet another pair this Christmas or them waking up ...