Celebrate St Andrews Day at Delta Force Paintball

Did you know on November 30th, people across the country gather together for St Andrews Day to celebrate and share good times? The slogan Be Like St Andrew is something celebrated in Scotland where people are encouraged to participate by sharing an act of kindness with someone no matter how small.

delta force players group shot

Here at Delta Force Paintball, we couldn’t agree more. Our varied game zones encourage teamwork and support from your buddies. Think you can take on an enclosed Raptor Park by yourself? Or a haunted Crypt lurking with zombies? Think again. You’ll often find the overzealous ones though pull all the Hollywood moves and are often the ones needing aid halfway through the game.

game zone zombies crypt

You may find that every fibre in your body may want to let them suffer for jeopardising the team but remember the wise words Be Like St Andrew and you might find by offering out that helping hand you end up leading the way to victory. St Andrews Day is of course marked with food and drink which players can enjoy off the field back at basecamp, with access to a range of snacks and refreshments from our shop and can sit at our sheltered seating areas. Hot food can also be ordered before 11am to arrive at lunch and free tea and coffee is available all day.

The same motto applies to our staff. We maintain a Full Public Liability Insurance policy and this coupled with our exemplary 25-year safety record means all customers are in safe hands. Our operating procedures are industry best practices. All our equipment is individually inspected prior to being issued to customers at the beginning of every day by our trained staff. We operate a thorough training scheme for all staff meaning all marshals are trained specialists within the paintball industry.

DF players in group

Our first-rate service ensures guests feel at ease and are confident before walking onto the game zone. Paintballing at Delta Force requires no previous experience or pre-existing sporting ability. Men, women, girls and boys can participate on an entirely equal footing.

So remember, be more like St Andrew and enjoy a full day of paintball at Delta Force. For more information on booking, contact an event coordinator 24/7 on 0844 477 5115* or use our online booking form.