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Assault Rifle Paintball Markers Now Available at Delta Force

***BREAKING NEWS*** Paintball enthusiasts across the country now have the opportunity to take their game to the next level. Delta Force Paintball has taken delivery of a fleet of premium Assault Rifle Paintball Markers and are now available to be enjoyed. These state-of-the-art markers have a range of features and benefits that will have your opposition shaking in their boots. Operations Manager, Carlos Brewer, is excited about the latest addition. "This is the most significant advancement in upgrade markers available in the UK in years. We have already received unprecedented interest through our Booking Office and I look forward to sharing our shiny new toys with the masses" Features: Apart from looking like a sleek and intimidating piece of paintball weaponry, the new Assault Rifle markers come with a range of special features: 11 inch Barrel for superior accuracy and ...

Delta Force Paintball Player Striking Victory Pose

Bonfire Night At Delta Force Paintball

Looking for a real showstopper this Bonfire Night? Fortunately for you, Delta Force Paintball has an armory bursting with the finest pyrotechnic equipment in the business. Delta Force guarantees the most cinematic smoke effects, realistic explosions and all-round expertise on...


Delta Force Day of the Dead!

With the Day of the Dead fast approaching, where can the spooky and the strange meet the festive and the frivolous? Where can you be marvelously masked and enjoy a scenery that’s bursting with vibrant colours? With 35 paintballing centres...


Design your perfect Delta Force Hen Party

A hen party is so much more than just a girls’ night out – it’s about strengthening friendships, celebrating each other as women and blowing off a bit of steam in the process too! With the rules thrown out the...


This isn’t just any walk in the park

Paintball fans, welcome to Raptor Park! A brand new game zone that has been developed at our Delta Force Liverpool Paintball centre by an eccentric billionaire designed to breed a vicious new kind of dinosaur. Feeling the pressure, his close-knit...

Dickon Tarly at Delta Force Paintball

Tarly shows off gnarly paintball skills at Delta Force

With the scorching new series of Game of Thrones still fresh in our minds, it was a pleasure to greet Tom Hopper over the weekend at our Delta Force Paintball centre in Gerrards Cross. Known for his role as Dickon...


Lucky lucky Liverpool!

You’re a lucky bunch Liverpool, home to iconic bands, decent-ish football teams and access to the most vibrant galleries and museums outside of London. There’s even Knowsley Safari packed full of animals all shapes and sizes and staff that offer...

haunted graveyard-paintball-action

Fight off freaky Friday

As if October wasn’t spooky enough, the creepiest month of the year now sees the return of Friday the 13th. Yes, you could stay tucked up in bed to avoid any potential bad luck that rears its ugly head like...

zombie paintballing - players hiding


Be warned: beyond this point you enter a contaminated zone, by choosing to proceed you are exposing yourself to the contagion within…as well as the undead that lurk out in the woodlands beyond. If you are willing to face this...


Phil Jagielka swaps Football for Paintballing at Delta Force

Believe it or not, football and paintball have a lot in common. Both need teamwork, sportsmanship, good communication from each player and require tactics in order to achieve victory. There’s also one other key similarity – both involve a lot...

Delta Force Paintball News

Have a scream this Halloween!

Get set for a hair-raising paintball experience this Halloween at Delta Force Paintball! Our selection of spine-tingling game zones at our 35 national UK paintballing centres will have you hooked. Our terrifying Zombies’ Crypt will have guests diving deep into...


Paintball parties make for the best birthdays!

Over the last 20 years we have inspired thousands upon thousands of kids to switch off their games console, peel themselves off the sofa and participate in our unforgettable birthday paintball parties. Kids’ paintballing parties are an excellent way to...

Lone player stands in front of Speedball arena
Equipment Game Zones News

Game Zone In Focus – Enemy at the Gates

Today is the day you and you fellow comrades rewrite history as the battle for Stalingrad comes to a head. It’s going to take tact, persistence and carefully placed positioning to reclaim the area fromenemy forces in the Enemy at...