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After biding our time in lockdown upgrading our centres with thrilling new game- zones, the time has finally come for Delta Force to reopen our doors to the public! Come one, come all – newbies and veterans alike, first-time thrill-seekers and seasoned warriors. Delta Force Paintball is thrilled to announce that we are joining the country in emerging from lockdown, and are officially reopening our centres to the paintball-hungry public! Here at our Southampton centre, we will be marking the occasion with the debut of not one, not two, but three new game-zones: London Has Fallen sees you take to the streets of our war-torn capital, with two teams battling for the fate of one player assigned the role of President. Defend them or shoot them – there can only be one winner! Total annihilation reigns in Chemical Alley. Fight ...

Three paintball players advance past blood-splattered fence
Game Zones Tips & Tactics

Game zone in focus – Zombies’ Crypt

You’ve prepared for this day. The undead have plagued both television and film screens worldwide and have now gnawed their way through to your favourite Delta Force Paintball game zone, the Zombies’ Crypt. Shuffling through the graveyards, the hungry hordes ...

Shahid Afridi and family in Black Hawk helicopter

Shahid Afridi dominates the opposition

Switching up cricket pads for a camouflage combat suit and cricket bat for a semi-automatic paintball gun, cricketing legend and family man Shahid Afridi stopped by our Delta Force paintball centre in Southampton on Saturday 22nd July for a different ...

Delta Force Paintball News

Bolton trade football boots for paintball goggles

Each week at Delta Force we play host to thousands of paintball enthusiasts across the UK in search of the ultimate paintballing experience. And each week we strive to provide a premium paintball service and treat each and every guest ...

Boys Smiling in Delta Force Paintball Gear

Father’s day paintballing

With Father's day around the corner, it's time to start thinking of innovative and thoughtful presents that will earn you significant brownie points as the best son or daughter. Our Paintball days make for a brilliant bonding session with your ...

Two Paintball Players Advance on Hut Doorway
Tips & Tactics

Winning Paintball Tips and Tactics

Paintballing is a great team sport and is a great way to bond with your mates and have tons of fun. Like any game, everyone wants to win, so we have created this short list of paintball tactics that will ...

Boys' Party Posing in Paintball Base Camp
Events Fun

Summer holiday paintballing

With summer just around the corner, our regional teams are gearing up for an influx of avid paintball fans at our UK paintball centres. With blue skies, longer days and sunshine, it's a great time of year to gather your ...

Decommissioned Lynx aircraft at Delta Force

Fighter jets and helicopters land

We like to give players a world-class paintball experience when they visit Delta Force Paintball. At many of our national UK paintball centres we feature an incredible selection of themed-props for added excitement to your day out. Many basecamps showcase ...

Kid Aiming Delta Force Paintball Gun
Fun News

School paintball excursions

Organising any kind of outdoor event for school children can be a daunting task. If you’re looking for an activity that’s inclusive for all participants, represents great value and is entertaining for children, then choose Delta Force Paintball. We have ...

Smiling Cashier Poses with Paintball Equipment
Tips & Tactics

What to wear paintballing at Delta Force

For novice players attending a Delta Force Paintball Centre, a common question is what to wear during the paintball experience. At all 35 UK paintball centres, we provide customers with the latest paintball gear to help you look the part ...

Adidas Brazuca 2014 World Cup Ball

World cup player watch delta force paintball

With World Cup fever in full flow, we’re looking back at some of the current crop who are representing and have represented their nations at this year’s prestigious event in Brazil who have visited Delta Force Paintball with their club ...

Paintball Stag Party

Celebrate your last days freedom delta force paintball

Positioned low behind the giant back tyre of one of the military vehicles, you see a bright pink flash streak across your line of vision. A paintball, you think, has narrowly missed your head. You look again and see a ...

Adult Paintball Players Posing with Terminator
Fun News

Kegworth paintballing delta force good outdoor fun

Kegworth Paintballing with Delta Force Paintball is quite simply, good outdoor fun! Where else can your explore the great outdoors, getting plenty of fresh air and exercise, hiding behind trees and shooting paintballs at your friends? And, being suitable for ...