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50 Calibre Change over

When Delta Force Pioneered the launch of Miniball for kids as young as 8 many years ago, our aim was to make paintballing accessible to all and to make it as safe as possible and this change is a huge step in the right direction. Thanks to a lot of hard work from Delta Force Paintball and the AUPBA we have successfully managed to upgrade all of our markers to the new .50 Calibre paint and paintballs. After many years of work to reduce the age of players that were able to take part in Paintball from our team in Australia the next step was, moving all our centres to .50 cal. This change means great things for all Paintballers taking part at any of our centres. The .50 Cal markers should mean better accuracy, less gun jams, a lighter ...

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Paintball Leeds enjoy first class facilities and game zones

If you're looking to play paintball in Leeds, look no further than Deta Force Paintball Leeds. Our Wakefield paintball centre offers fantastic facilities and equipment for players aged 8 years and up to make your session with us as enjoyable ...

Delta Force Paintball News

Delta force paintball leeds wins centre excellence award

Delta Force Paintball Leeds has secured the prestigious award for UK paintball Centre of Excellence for the 2013 winter season! The team at Leeds Paintball work tirelessly to ensure their paintball centre provides the ultimate paintball experience for players aged 8 ...

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Peep show paintballing london delta force

Peep Show – one of Britain’s highest rated television comedy shows recently aired an episode that was filmed at Delta Force Paintball’s Gerrards Cross paintball centre (just outside the M25 near Slough – to the West of London). We at ...

Kids Eating Pizza Lunch at Paintball Centre

Top 5 reasons why paintball parties at Delta Force are the best!

Organising a kid’s birthday party can be very stressful, with the pressure to ensure it’s engaging, affordable and is approved by all parents. If you’re finding it difficult to think of an event where all children can take part, falls ...

Jabba the Hutt, Princess Leia, and Stormtroopers at Paintball base camp
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May the fourth be with you

In celebration of the universally celebrated Star Wars day, Delta Force Paintball offers fans the opportunity to get their fix and enjoy a day in the great outdoors at the same time. The Cobham Paintball Centre features it’s very own ...

Superheroes assemble at base camp

Paintball Superheroes at Delta Force

Superheroes. Surely at some point they have wondered what it would be like to use their extraordinary powers for general day-to-day activities. After all, saving the world and fighting bad guys must get tiresome after a while! What about during ...

Paintball Players Celebrating in front of Imperial Shuttle

Great value paintball adventures

As the UK's largest paintball provider, Delta Force Paintball is able to offer great value paintballing packages to players looking for an adrenaline-filled and fun day out. We offer great value paintball packages starting from £9.99(1) per person for players ...

Player raises his paintball gun to fire
Game Zones

Game Zone Review– Operation Desert Storm

Delta Force Paintball is renowned for creating world-class paintball games zones, and our Operation Desert Storm mission scenario doesn’t disappoint. For fans of video games and tactical planning, this game zone delivers on all fronts. This game zone is based ...

Player fires gun with back against wall

Chorley: Paddy McGuinness celebrates his birthday at Delta Force

Delta Force Paintball has never been a stranger to celebrity visitors. In our twenty five years of operation we have had many famous faces grace our paintball centres; from famous sports personalities such as Formula One champions Lewis Hamilton and ...

Paintball Players Exchange Fire Over a Tank

Brand new game zone installed at Manchester Paintball Centre

Delta Force Paintball Manchester opened in August 2014 to much acclaim and interest has only increased. Conveniently located in Eccles, just 15 minutes west of the city centre and around the corner from the Trafford Centre, it attracts hundreds of ...

Two Paintball Players at Space Warz Game Zone

Delta Force win planning battle at Hanslope, Milton Keynes.

Paintball games are set to resume at the Delta Force paintball site in Hanslope, Milton Keynes after the High Court awarded in favour of Delta Force in an ongoing battle with the Milton Keynes Council. The Milton Keynes Council placed ...

Paintball Players Exchange Fire Behind Bloody Gravestones
Game Zones

Themed Paintball Game Zones

When you play paintball at Delta Force Paintball, it’s not just a game of paintball; it’s an immersive experience where you take on the persona of your favourite action hero. With 36 UK paintball locations, you are bound to experience ...