Delta Force win planning battle at Hanslope, Milton Keynes.

Paintball games are set to resume at the Delta Force paintball site in Hanslope, Milton Keynes after the High Court awarded in favour of Delta Force in an ongoing battle with the Milton Keynes Council.

The Milton Keynes Council placed an immediate stop notice on the paintball centre, despite recommendations from the Council’s own planning advisors that games should continue at the site. Chairman Andrew Geary, who lives close to the Hanslope centre, moved the motion to have the stop notice placed on the paintball centre despite Council guidelines stating that all councillors with a personal involvement in any case must remove themselves from proceedings.

The High Court voted in favour of Delta Force, passing an interim injunction allowing paintball games to continue at the site. The High Court decision, based on information provided by Delta Force and the Milton Keynes planning advisors, is good news for all paintball enthusiasts in the Milton Keynes area.

One Delta Force customer that was put out by the centre closure said that he was ‘extremely happy’ that paintball games can continue in the Hanslope area, called the paintball site a ‘great addition to the local community’.

The High Court decision was covered by Milton Keynes News, and the article can be found here.

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