This isn’t just any walk in the park

Paintball fans, welcome to Raptor Park! A brand new game zone that has been developed at our Delta Force Liverpool Paintball centre by an eccentric billionaire designed to breed a vicious new kind of dinosaur. Feeling the pressure, his close-knit team of specialists have been working tirelessly to create an army of mutated dinosaurs capable of wreaking havoc on civilisation.

Delta Force paintball gamezone raptor park

Fortunately this life-threatening secret has been leaked and it is now down to you and your team of highly trained explorers to search the Raptor enclosure and recover the mutated dinosaur eggs before it’s too late.

This nail-biting game zone requires planned out tactics andan eye for your surroundings. Use the high vantage points such as the sniper towers to scope out enemy outposts and hidden dinosaur eggs. The area is also sprawling with 4×4 safari jeeps so make sure to take advantage and use them as the perfect cover for advancing attacks.

Delta Force gamezone raptor park

Remember, this isn’t going to be just any type of walk in the park. Only stealth and cunning will ensure a successful mission. Remember to stock up on ammo, paintballs can be bought as you go and often our centres have a selection of packages available on the day to ensure a great day out for everyone.

paintball gamezone raptor park

At Delta Force Liverpool, we equip our paintballing game zones with the finest Hollywood props. So for those eager to immerse into the high-octane world of Raptor Park better grab their tickets fast!

For more information on booking our Raptor Park game zone or our Liverpool Paintball centre, contact an event coordinator 24/7 on 0844 477 5115* or use our online booking form.

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