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Crawley Paintball Centre Witness Mcdonalds Women Destroying Bumbling McMen.

It’s been a sunny week for Delta Force Paintball in Crawley this week; it even reached 27 degrees in our base camp!

We had almost 300 players come down to the centre on Saturday and a good time was had by all. Amongst this lot was a birthday group of twenty three eleven year olds who all had a brilliant day and all said it was the best day ever! After braving through the hot day, Alex and his friends made it to lunch and tucked into an enormous chocolate cake!

A great bunch of guys and girls from our local McDonalds branch also visited this week. A special mention goes to Kayleigh, who stormed Castle Wallenberg and raised the flag for the red team without firing a single shot!

She said she was not a very good shot (which proved not to be true in some of the other games!) so she left her gun at the start point, dodged and weaved between barricades with covering fire from her team mates and in 2minutes 20 seconds had moved right under the noses of the blue team to raise the flag and win the game!

Not only that, half the blue team were armed to the teeth with the M16 upgrade markers and grenades of every kind yet an unarmed girl still managed to beat them fair and square! Better luck next time guys and congratulations to Kayleigh!

That’s it from the best paintball centre in Crawley!
The South London Paintball team.

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