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Operation Desert Storm

Every so often in the paintballing world, a game zone will emerge that tests the boundaries of innovative design and creativity. Operation Desert Storm at the Coventry Paintball Centre is one such scenario, challenging how far paintball providers should go for totally immersive player experience. It is one thing to base a game zone around impressive structures and props, but there are many other factors that create an authentic warfare atmosphere - if you don’t have the right mission intensity, map layout and similar characteristic traits, all you have is a collection of indistinctive buildings and vehicles that fail to spark the imagination.

Thankfully, Desert Storm doesn’t fall into the latter category. The task for defending teams is the following: the US ambassador is visiting a Middle Eastern town for peace negotiations, much to the disgust of the local rebel forces. Even though the US military have sent a heavily fortified convoy with the ambassador, the rebels are less than pleased to see foreign troops in their hometown. IEDs have disable several of the armoured Land Rovers and the squadron have no choice but to get the ambassador to safety by foot, with the target location being the US embassy. Meanwhile, the attacking rebel team must repel all Allied advances by any means necessary, focusing special attention on the VIP player, the ambassador.

delta force paintball coventry operation desert storm map

Even before a paintball is fired, players are able to experience, to a certain degree, the same emotions and trepidations that any elite unit tasked with high-level incursions may feel before entering the battleground. Two-storey facades, all shaped and painted to reflect a modern-day Middle Eastern setting, vehicles that have been authentically dug into the ground and tampered with to signify the IED damage, an embassy that rivals anything found on a movie set and tight alleyways that could hide an enemy at any moment! Furthermore, how many points the defenders in this classic ‘VIP extraction’ mode relies on the speed of which the ambassador is transported to safety and with unlimited respawns, there are multiple ways in which this scenario can be approached.

action at delta force paintball coventry

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