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School holiday madness!

School holidays are upon us with numerous days to be filled with activities and excitement to keep your children entertained. Many of you may be wondering how you’re going to keep your children occupied for 5 weeks without them spending the entire holidays on the couch in front of the TV or playing Xbox all day long.

Delta Force has the solution! Why don’t you surprise them by arranging an action packed paintball day out? The UK has finally been graced with some sunny weather, so now is the time to get the kids outdoors and enjoying fresh air, and as a bonus you’re sure to be crowned the coolest parents ever. 

School holiday activity

Delta Force is open most days of the week during the school holidays and provides players with a full day of Rambo style, adrenaline fuelled excitement, which will keep your children occupied by talking about their paintball for days on end. We host paintball events for players from the age of eight at selected centres, and 10 at our remaining centres across the UK. We recommend parents accompany players under the age of 14, so it’s the perfect activity to bond together as a family. Be prepared to hear non-stop chitter chatter all the way home about how paintball is like a real life call of duty game and how their key moves won the game for their team.

Delta Force Paintball has 26 venues across the UK, meaning there is sure to be a centre near you. To check availability at your closest centre or to discuss the various paintball packages on offer, feel free to call one of our friendly event coordinators on 0844 477 5050.

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