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Refurbisment at Delta Force Paintball Reading successfully completed!

Delta Force Paintball is proud to announce that the refurbishment work at our Reading paintball centre, Mapledurham estate has been successfully completed and in record time. The centre has had a complete game zone makeover, now giving Fernwood paintball centre some of the best game zones in the Country.

The Command Post has been improved by the addition of a central elevated watchtower, enabling defenders to rain paintball death down onto the helpless attackers. Lucky for them they have unlimited respawn on this game, the attackers are going to need it! The game zone has also benefited with the addition of three replica tiger tanks, all-adding to the overall game play experience on this exciting zone.

The Viet Cong Village has had a full P.O.W style makeover with the addition of two fenced and gated prisoner of war compounds. Each compound has a huge elevated watchtower from which a commanding arc of fire can be laid down across the rest of the village field. It is now imperative to gain control of these fortified compounds in order to win the game.

Castle Wallenberg has had increased cover erected in the form of siege barricades, enabling the attackers to creep further forward towards the imposing castle. At the top of the hill a tactical firepoint has been erected that enables attackers to clearly shoot defenders on top of the battlements, it will be interesting to see how many teams manage to find and use this position, when played correctly, it will be devastating.

Its out with the old and in with the new as the bridge zone is completely replaced with the popular and exciting Wall game. “The Wall” features seven different crossing points, bridges, tunnels and raised platforms.  The wall is flanked by two guard towers; making this possibly the hardest game to win. You are going to need all your paintball knowhow, guts and a lot of luck to get through “The Wall” and secure the victory for your team. Early feedback from Fernwood Paintball regulars is that this zone is awesome, it is certain to be a firm favorite in the future.

Delta Force Paintball Reading l is also proud to announce a brand new game zone, “London Apocalypse”. This zone complete with a Double-Decker London bus is a level seen at other Delta Force centres nationwide. It’s a tough objective to extract the president alive and now Reading paintball fanatics are going to get to play this popular mission.

The refurbishment has also improved the Speedball arena; gun zone with an addition of a dedicated M16 upgrade area for all those paintball die hards, a new registration area and an enlarged car park.

Delta Force Paintball are proud of these fantastic new game zones and would like to wish all the future Reading paintball players the best of luck, stay low and shoot straight!


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