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Paintballing in Bristol is about to get even better!

Calling all paintball enthusiasts! Delta Force is set to revolutionise the Bristol paintball scene by re-opening the new and drastically improved paintball centre in Thornbury, Bristol this Saturday 11th February.

The new centre, conveniently located next door to the previous Bristol paintball centre, proudly offers some of the most exciting game scenarios in UK paintball including a one-of-a-kind remake of the infamous Pegasus Bridge from WWII. The Pegasus Bridge game scenario (or ‘map’ to all the Call of Duty fans out there) has three giant bridge crossings which stretch over a deep ravine that winds below. Two large guard towers emerge from either end of the main bridge crossing and are joined by a gangway – these towers form the perfect vantage points for those long range sniper shots at any advancing opponents below.

Pegasus bridge paintball game

Other action-packed game scenarios include the brand new WWII Bunker Attack with a giant fortified bunker surrounded by four individual guard towers, Zombies’ Crypt with a two-storey church and the Delta Force classic Castle Wallenberg. Come down and experience the thrill of being the first Delta Force paintball enthusiasts to experience the brand new Bristol paintball centre.

Bristol paintball centre

To secure an event call the Delta Force booking office on 0844 477 5115.

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