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Delta Force Paintball South East London Grand Unveiling

Delta Force Paintball is proud to report that the opening weekend of our newest paintball venue in Kent - Delta Force Paintball in Orpington - was a massive success! The first weekend in September saw its unveiling, and it ended with more than a few bangs! The 30 acre paintball centre has been transformed from the rudimentary venue that it was into five full game zone areas of adrenaline-fuelled extravagance by our skilled construction team. Take a look at the pictures below for an idea of just what has been achieved during the intensive two month build, from conception to reality.

The latest of almost 30 paintball centres across the UK built and run by Delta Force, we believe that the Orpington Paintball Centre cements our reputation as the worldwide number 1 paintball provider. We don’t need to be on the map; we’re all over it! And the Orpington venue, as the newest addition to the Delta Force family, certainly doesn’t disappoint. Delta Force Paintball in South East London offers paintballers various action-packed battle scenarios, allowing it to cater for more simultaneous players than ever before. The highlights are:

Castle Wallenberg: An ancient bastion located deep in the Bavarian forest. Occupied by dark forces in a last ditch attempt to slow the progress of allied forces into Europe. Mount the insurmountable; take control of the fortress from the enemy and battle your team’s way to victory for Britain. 


Castle Wallenberg real life


D-Day Landing: June 6th, 1944. Minimal cover along the recently invaded French beachfront characterises this tough scenario. The liberation of Western Europe lies in your hands. Defeat the defence before it’s too late.

D-Day Landing replica

The Haunted Graveyard: Your mission seems simple at first glance – make it from one side of this desolate cemetery to the other. Not so. Although the graves and tombs are life-sized, it’s going to be a tough job to stay alive as you attempt to cross over the dead of this accursed place.


The Haunted Graveyard


Viet Cong Village: Nestled in the Vietnamese jungle and so quiet! Ominously quiet. Before you know it, you discover that the villagers have all fled in fear and the village is teeming with the most dangerous of Viet mercenaries: the Vietcong. Can you save the livelihoods and way of life of the innocent people and regain control of their village?

Viet Cong Village


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