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Multiple Murders at Delta Force Paintball Kent

Paintballing in Kent will never be the same again... Take a look at this video if you have a strong stomach and are over 15 years of age (because it contains fantasy violence and one use of bad-language).

Delta Force Paintball is known for its movie-set quality game zones and has featured regularly in film and television programs - but we've never been in an action comedy film before. Khyan - one of the UK's biggest YouTubers chose Delta Force Paintball Kent (located in Westerham, just off the M25 at Junction 5) to shoot an amazing fantasy sequence which will be used to launch the 2013 'Geek Week' (a YouTube film festival). The rustic town featured in the movie is Gold Rush - a Wild West frontier game zone at Delta Force Paintball Kent.



Other thrilling game zones at the Kent paintball centre include: London Apocalypse - featuring several original London double decker buses and black taxi cabs, Chemical Alley - a fast and furious game of speedball, Mad Murphy’s Jungle Attack - set deep within a tropical rainforest, WWII Bunker Buster - complete with trenches and lots of abandoned military tucks and Zombies’ Crypt - where numerous dangerous zombies lurk. There’s so much variety at our Kent paintball centre, players are completely spoilt for choice!

But, the zombies aren’t the only danger that lurks in the woods… Players could end up coming face-to-face with the Delta Force Terminator! Armed with his lethal BT4 combat paintball guns, the Terminator can appear in any game, at any time, looking for a gunfight….If you’re feeling brave, you can take him on in battle…. And, should you be deemed a worthy challenger, he’ll surrender one of his awesome paintball guns for you to use for the remainder of the game!

Delta Force Paintball Kent is also proud to offer its younger customers aged 8-10 years unique mini-paintball events. These exciting games use smaller, lightweight guns and smaller paintballs, resulting in a softer impact game. As a result, these events have proved popular amongst our younger players who may be daunted by our standard paintball games.

If you’d like to find out more about our Kent paintball centre, or to book a day of paintball with us, call the bookings team on 0844 477 5115. Don’t worry, we’ll keep the crazy Khyan and his sword wielding mates at bay!

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