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Law & Order UK Shoot at Delta Force.

The latest program to hit television screens throughout the UK is Law & Order UK, and can be seen on ITV1 at 9:00pm Monday nights. Based on the ever-popular US series, Law & Order UK has so far received impressive acclamation from television critics throughout the UK and abroad.

This week’s episode, titled “Vice” boasts several scenes shot at the Delta Force paintball centre in Effingham, Surrey. After several months of searching, Law & Order location scouts unanimously agreed that the exclusive Delta Force woodland would form the ideal backdrop for the show.

After two long days of preparation and filming down at the paintball centre in Effingham, renowned director Omar Madha called a wrap on filming and declared the venture with Delta Force a success.

Law & Order UK join a long list of movies and television programs to film at Delta Force paintball centres throughout the UK, with hit television program Fifth Gear most recently enjoying a day out with Delta Force.

Time and again Delta Force is approached by film location scouts, primarily because of our movie-set quality game scenarios and state of the art paintball facilities.

If you want to experience a day out at the UK’s premier paintball centre then call the Delta Force booking office on 0844 477 5050 and organise an action-packed day of paintball now.



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