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Jamal Edwards loses his shoe but keeps his head in an epic paintball match!

Jamal Edwards loses his shoe but keeps his head in an epic paintball match!

Whilst the celebrity visit of Cara Delevingne, Michelle Rodriguez and their pals at our Cobham Paintball Centre this week has already been documented, there was one particular event that deserves its own coverage all together; Jamal’s unfortunate antics during a battle in our Tomb Raider zone…

jamal edwards paintballing

After sprinting through the thick forest undergrowth, ducking and dodging enemy fire and searching for the missing artefact pieces, he experienced a paintballer’s worst nightmare – no, not a backfiring gun, but a loose shoe flying off right in the middle of no-man’s land! Reminiscent of a classic war film – think Saving Private Ryan or Enemy at the Gates – he had to quickly take cover and could only watch helplessly as the opposing team targeted his shoe; any attempt to reach it was met by a hail of paintballs…

With this piece of footwear all but lost, Jamal eventually accepted the fact that he had to play the rest of the match with a handicap and bravely carried on, helping out his teammates in attempting to piece together the artefact. It was only till after the game had finished that he could finally retrieve his shoe and begin to plan some payback on his opponents.

jamal edwards

Hopefully Jamal chose some different treads than these – we never recommend players wear anything other than old clothes they don’t mind getting a bit dirty!

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